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Yahoo® Data Breach Class Action Settlement

Check your emails inboxes! Yahoo pays out $117.5 Million to Users that filed class action claim forms on time! Users reporting up to $137 Payments in their Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, and Bank Accounts

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Opioid Class Action Settlements

$54B Opioid Class Action Settlements

Opioid Drug Manufacturers have Settled Billions of Dollars of Class Action Settlements over Opioid scandals. Now retails such as Walgreens, CVS and Walmart have settled $10 Billion.

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10 Largest FACTA Class Action Settlements

FACTA Class Action Settlements

What is The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act and FACTA Class Actions Lawsuits? Find the Top 10 FACTA Class Action Settlements and how FACTA protects consumer privacy

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10 Largest Class Action Settlement Litigation in the BILLIONS

10 Largest Class Action Settlements of All Time

Class action lawsuits come in all shapes and sizes. Wondering what the largest class action settlement would be? Check out this top 10 list of all-time Biggest Class Action Settlement Payouts

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FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried Class Action Settlement Litigation

$11B Proposed FTX Class Action Settlement

An FTX lawsuit has been filed against Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of disgraced FTX cryptocurrency exchange platform, and FTX celebrity endorsers including Steph Curry, Larry David and Tom Brady

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CRT Class Action Settlement Litigation

CRT Class Action Settlement

The total settlement fund among the Phillips, LG, Panasonic and other CRT TVs and Monitors is now over $547,750,000 plus accrued interest - Payouts to consumers are expected by end of 2022

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BIPA Biometric Information Protection Act - Class Action Settlements

What are BIPA Class Actions?

What is BIPA - The Biometric Information Protection Act? What are some class actions that were settled as a result of consumer privacy violations of the BIPA law?

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Juul Class Action Settlement

Juul Class Action Settlement

A $438.5 Million Dollar class action settlement has been agreed upon with Juul, and is currently in development before the class action claims period beings.

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Credit Karma Class Action Rebate

$3 Million Credit Karma Rebate

Credit Karma Issues a $3 Million Rebate to consumers who received fraudulent "Pre-Approval" offers. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is charged with issuing refunds.

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How to start a class action lawsuit

How to Start a Class Action

How do I start a class action settlement? Can I start a class action myself? Do I need to hire a lawyer, and how much will the lawyer get paid if we win?

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Mass Arbitration vs Mass Torts vs Class Action Lawsuits

Mass Arbitration vs Mass Torts vs Class Actions

What are the major differences between Class Action Settlements, Mass Arbitration, and Mass Torts? How do I find out which type of litigation works best for my case?

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What is PII

What is PII?

Everything you do online leaves a trace. Your social security number, medical history and information, browsing history, shopping preferences, and much more can be generated and collected without your consent.

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Facebook BIPA Biometric Privacy Settlement

Facebook Class Action Pays $397 to 1.5 Million Users

Facebook allegedly broke Illinois privacy laws (BIPA) and has paid out a nearly $650,000,000 Settlement fund to Facebook users.

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File a claim for the Benecol settlement class action

How do I Protect my Personal Data?

How do I protect my personally identifiable information when I fill out class action forms? What is the TCPA and the BIPA and how do they protect my privacy?

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Do Not Call Registry

How to Register for the Do Not Call Registry

What is the Do Not Call Registry? How do I Sign Up? Does it Actually Work? Find out how to sign up and how class actions pay out for DoNotCall violations!

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TCPA class action settlement

What is the TCPA?

What are TCPA class actions? What are some of the biggest ones and how do I get a check? What is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, anyway?

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Do Not Call Registry

Class Action Lawsuits - 10 Common Questions

How much money can I make from class actions? How long do class action settlements take? Who gets paid the most?

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Class Action Settlements and All About Them

All About Class Actions

What are Open Class Actions? Closed Class Actions and Mass Torts? What kind of class actions are out there? And what kind of payouts are possible?

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