Glucosamine Class Action Settlement

Glucosamine Class Action Settlement

Claim Form Deadline: June 14, 2022 (Expired)

Payout: $25

Proof required: No

Method of payment: Mailed Check / Virtual MasterCard

What's This Settlement About?

A $1,000,000 class action settlement has been reached as a result of a lawsuit brought against Doctor's Best glucosamine products. These products include the following:

• Doctor's Best Glucosamine Sulfate 750mg
• Vegan Glucosamine Sulfate 750mg
• Synergistic Glucosamine MSM
• Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM
• Vegan Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM
• Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM + Hyaluronic Acid

The class action lawsuit claimed that Doctor's Best sells nutritional supplements containing glucosamine hydrochloride and potassium sulfate that are mislabeled as containing Glucosamine Sulfate while containing glucosamine hydrochloride and potassium sulfate. Doctor's Best agreed to settle the lawsuit and has not agreed to any wrongdoing. As a result, an estimated $1,000,000 settlement fund has been created for which consumers or purchasers can claim up to 5 bottles at $5 with no proof required, a maximum payment of $25 per household.

If claimants do have proof of purchase, a 60% refund will be paid with a limit of up to 12 products claimed per household.

Glucosamine compounds are commonly found in supplements that are marketed to health conscious consumers, in products like joint supplements that help reduce pain, arthritis pain, inflammation, and increase mobility and durability. Often times these drugs are not subject to FDA (the United States Food and Drug Administration) approval. This is partly because the FDA is not authorized to review dietary supplement products for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed.

How Do I Qualify?

To participate in the glucosamine class action, you can file a claim if you purchased packages of any of the above products if:

• The purchases were made in the United States
• The dates of purchases were between July 22, 2016 and February 28, 2022

What Can I Get?

The payout will vary on whether you have proof of purchase.

No Proof - If you have no proof of purchase, you can get up to $25 for 5 products per household.

With Proof - If you do have proof of purchase, you can get up to 60% of the purchase price (excluding taxes or fees) for up to 12 products per household.

Can I Fill Out a Claim Form with No Proof?

Yes, but it is important to point out that submitting the form may be the equivalent of a signature under penalty of perjury of United States law code. We are not lawyers and this should not be taken as legal advice.

How Do I File a Claim?

To file a claim, you must fill out the claim form available on the official class action settlement administrator's website by June 14, 2022. The form requires an ID, which you can request HERE. You will be provided an ID which you can then use to fill out a claim form (see 'Submit Claim Form' below) You can alternatively fill out the claim form and mail the printed form (PDF, Document) to the Claim Administrator at:

Casey v. Doctor's Best
PO Box 225391
New York, New York

Note that the claims administrator must receive the mailed form by June 14, 2022, as opposed to the common standard of being postmarked or sent by the deadline of June 14, 2022, so please account for mail delivery time to New York City. The claim administrator announced on their website that Glucosamine Class Action Settlement Claim submissions received after the Claim Form Deadline will not be considered late for Class Members who requested a Class Member ID prior to midnight on the Claim Form Deadline (June 14, 2022), but have not yet received the Class Member ID.

Claim Form Website:

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